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Believe it or not, our carpets can house some of the nastiest stuff you could ever imagine, and as we walk and play on it the nasty stuff just gets spread around the house. Weber County Utah carpet cleaning service should be done on a regular basis. Of course we all know that there is lots of dust and dirt in our carpeting, but did you know that there are also dust mites, insects, bacteria, mold, insect carcasses and many other unwanted things that can cause allergies and disease? In other words, our carpets are huge filters that trap these things and keep them there.

Think about that the next time your children and pets are playing on the carpet, stirring all of this brew of unpleasantness up into the air.

The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning system uses a proprietary method of hot carbonation to send millions of tiny bubbles into your carpet to gently loosen dust and dirt, and to viciously kill the bacteria, insects and dust mites. All of the products going into the carpet from Mr. Chem-Dry are natural and contain no harsh chemicals or difficult residues.

Most cleaning processes that are on the market today use some sort of a steam cleaning process where hot soapy water is injected directly into the carpet, and then sucked up into the container located on the applicator, leaving a soapy and bacteria laden residue. Since the carpet is still wet after the cleaning, it will take about 1 to 2 days to completely dry, opening the way for mold to take hold. The Chem-Dry process injects a hot carbonated solution into the carpet where the millions of tiny bubbles, with action much like club soda, or hydrogen peroxide, gently lift all the dirt and grime away from the carpet fibers, and out of your home.

We use up to 80% less water than your typical steam cleaning so instead of having to wait 1 to 2 days for the carpet to dry, the wait when using Mr. Chem-Dry is only 1 to 2 hours for the drying to be completed. This is a huge difference because the carpeting is available for use within a two hour period, and is fresh and clean with no soapy residue or mold attraction capabilities.

We are located in Northern Utah and have been providing Weber County Utah carpet cleaning services for over 20 years. You can call the office, or make appointments directly online from the Mr. Chem-Dry website. In addition to carpet cleaning, Mr. Chem-Dry also supplies cleaning services for upholstery cleaningthrow rugs and oriental rug cleaningpet urine odor removal treatment, severe stain removal, granite countertop restoration and tile cleaning.

The parent company of Chem-Dry started in 1977 to provide a different way to clean carpets by offering a proprietary method of cleaning the carpet, but at the same time sanitizing it so that all of the pathogens, bacteria and allergens could be eliminated at the same time along with the cleaning.

Chem-Dry is also cited as a green cleaning company in that all of the ingredients used in the cleaning process are natural and they contain no harmful chemicals. This simply means that you do not have to worry at all about your children or your pets rolling around on the carpet after a Chem-Dry cleaning has been done.

Every procedure that is done for customers has been time tested as well as tested for any harm that might come from the process. We use only natural solutions when we perform our Weber County Utah carpet cleaning services. In fact, in test after test it has been found that the Chem-Dry process completely removes up to 98% of all allergens and bacteria from carpets and upholstery after cleaning them. Up to 89% of all bacteria that is airborne is totally annihilated from existence by initiating and completing a Weber County Utah carpet cleaning.

We are dedicated to solving Weber County Utah carpet cleaning issues for your home or commercial property. A cleaner, fresher carpet gives your living area a freshness that is inviting and makes your home safe and clean for your family, friends & pets.

Once our Technician has finished, the sweet smell of cleanliness permeates the area and the smell of the old is replaced by the smell of the new, and much cleaner areas of the home that were not doing so well in the cleanliness category.

Call Mr. Chem-Dry today and receive one of the most unique and satisfied cleaning days that you have had in quite a long time.

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