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When you are looking to find a Utah County carpet cleaning company, look to Mr. Chem-Dry.  Our technique involves deeper clean and faster drying carpets, you can enjoy a home that is healthier for you as well as your family. Mr. Chem-Dry has fast become the trusted brand when it comes to Utah County carpet cleaning.

We make use of Chem-Dry’s HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction) process that offers a long-lasting and deeper carpet cleaning method. This process is combined with a non-toxic green-certified solution guaranteed to be all-natural as well as safe for pets and children, these results in a great clean for your home.


When using Utah County carpet cleaning services the main solution is based on carbonation. This process involves penetration techniques that reach deep into the fibers of a carpet that lifts out the dirt. The dirt is then efficiently whisked away with the industrial extraction equipment offering a truly professional and thorough clean. In addition, there is no residue left behind which is often the cause of dirt attraction and re-soiling. This means that carpets will stay much cleaner for much longer.


The Chem-Dry cleaning solution uses around 20% of the water when compared to traditional steam cleaning. This means that carpetsfurniture or upholstery will dry completely within a few short hours compared to days.


The low-water technique results in a drastically reduced risk of mildew and mold growth that typically occurs under the carpets that is often the result of excessive water use. The green-certified and all natural cleaning solution is free from chemicals and harsh soaps. This cleaning process has been proven to be non-toxic and completely safe for pets and family members. In addition, independent air quality labs have found that the HCE method is known for removing 98% of allergens found in upholstery and carpets as well as 89% of bacteria removal from indoor air when a sanitizer is combined into the process.

Utah County Carpet Cleaning Uses The HCE Process That Is Tested And Proven To Remove Bacteria And Allergens

It is well known that there are many choices of carpet cleaning methods on the market today. However, not all of the carpet-cleaning services are the same. Therefore it is important to know about the actual effectiveness of the Chem-Dry process can have on the health of a home. One of the independent leading air-quality laboratories conducted studies that used the HCE process in a number of homes. This laboratory found that this process removed around 98.1% of household allergens that included pet dander and dust mites from upholstery and carpets. In addition, the lab went onto find that when a sanitizer was added to the HCE process, 89% of bacteria were removed from the indoor air and about 82.3% of bacteria were removed out of the carpets and upholstery. For this reason, this company is proud to say that homeowners can really breathe easier and feel confident about the health of their home after these cleaning services.

Fight Stains

Carpets typically are subjected to inevitable spills and stains. Overtime the stain resistant feature of carpets fades away and becomes less-effective and leaves carpets susceptible to stains. The process used with Utah County carpet cleaning refreshes and revitalizes the performance levels of those stain-resistant carpets by creating a type of barrier around the fibers in the carpet. This ensures that the carpet becomes more resistant to staining and soiling allowing for any spills to be easily removed before stains can occur.

Deodorize And Sanitize Your Carpets

Carpets operate in the way of giant filters that collect and absorb germs and allergens. Similar to air filters these carpets become full and need to be cleaned properly so that they can remain effective in trapping the particles that settle out of the air. The Chem-Dry process has been tried and tested in a variety of homes to remove the buildup of bacteria, dirt and grime. The services for these fantastic cleaning services are on offer to Utah counties, Salt Lake, Davis and Weber.

Utah County carpet cleaning offers the following benefits:

•Sanitizes the home by eliminating unhealthy bacteria which can spread illness and diseases

•Reduces most of the common known allergens such as pollen, pet and human dander, pests and dust mites

•The specialized deodorizer reaches the odors that have been absorbed into the fibers of the carpet. This means that these odors are not just masked but actually removed and eliminated

Make sure you use the trusted Utah County carpet cleaning services offered by Mr. Chem-Dry the next time you need your carpets cleaned. Our cleaning process revitalizes old and dirty carpets and results in a home that is far healthier to live in.

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