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tile cleaning in lehi utah

There are many reasons why people install tiles for their Lehi Utah homes. For some, they are just more durable than carpets if you go with a quality tile, and for others, tiles are easier to keep clean. And what about sanitary reasons? Which are especially important considering the bathroom and the kitchen. Whatever your reason might be, you want your tiles to look good while serving a valuable purpose. Unfortunately, the maintenance wasn’t as easy as you expected, hence the reason for calling a tile cleaning Lehi Utah expert to help you out.

More specifically, you need to call us. And to encourage you to make that call, always keep the following in mind and consider the benefits.

No Risk Of Tiles/Grout Getting Damaged

You would think that properly cleaning the tiles won’t come to damaging the tiles or even chipping the grout. But in order to get to the areas where dirt deeply penetrated, harsh chemicals and methods are typically necessary, and this can cause the damage.

Luckily, we use the Chem-Dry method, which doesn’t include detergent or soap. In other words, no harsh chemicals or extreme measures are necessary to get every inch of those tiles clean again.

We Bring The Right Equipment

If you don’t want a tile cleaning Lehi Utah professional to handle the job, you will need to either buy the right or equipment or hope to rent it somewhere. Both options are going to cost quite a lot, and when you consider that we bring the right equipment for the job, this is not a problem you should be worried about.

Everything that is necessary to clean the tiles will be provided by us, and we only use the most effective ways to do it. In other words, one of the reasons for our great service is based on the Chem-Dry method and how brilliantly it cleans different surfaces.

Give Your Tiles New Life

Seeing as the deep penetrating dirt packs on over time, you only really see it when the problem is almost out of control. And after you get it clean, you’ll realize what your tiles should be looking like.

Easier DIY Maintenance

New tiles are easy to keep clean, just like a new mop works great the first few times. But depending on the tiles in your home, a layer can start to form, meaning your cleaning efforts don’t really do what they are supposed to.

This is also the reason why it’s getting more and more difficult to keep the tiles shining like they were installed yesterday. But after a quality tile cleaning Lehi Utah expert has been to your home, you’ll notice how easy it is to keep the floor spotless again.

The trick is not to let the layer form on the tiles or let the dirt pack on too much before getting that professional clean.

The Chem-Dry Method

Just to be clear on the method we use to clean tiles, it’s a hot carbonating extraction cleaning process that removes up to 98% of allergens trapped on the floor. The best part is that the Chem-Dry method is totally safe and non-toxic.

So, if you should call anyone to help you get those tiles shining like new again, it’s us.

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