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Our Salt Lake County Utah carpet cleaning services are focused on helping our customers to live a healthier life, that begins with clean and sanitary carpets resulting in a healthy home. The trademarked hot carbonated cleaning process which involves an exclusive extraction is known for penetrating deep into fibers of a carpet that works on removing around 98% of household allergens in upholstery and carpets. In addition, this process also removes around 89% of any airborne bacteria when using an added sanitizer.

The Natural solution used contains no detergents or soaps and is non-toxic and safe for families and pets. This process uses about 80% less-water when compared to the traditional steam cleaning methods, ensuring that carpets dry in a few hours compared to a few days. This particular benefit makes it a far more convenient and safe choice in carpet cleaning. Salt Lake County Utah carpet cleaning services is a world-renowned carpet cleaning service that also offers services related to area rugs, grout and tile and upholstery cleaning.

Our Salt Lake County Utah carpet cleaning service has been offered in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Some of the sought after services on offer include 24 hour water-damage cleanupsexcellent tile & grout cleaninggentle and safe rug cleaningpet stains and urine removal treatmentsgranite-countertop restoration and furniture and upholstery cleaning.

We use only environmentally friendly and non-toxic solutions for all their related cleaning services. All of the Chem-dry solutions for cleaning have been certified as non-toxic and green.

Salt Lake County Utah Carpet Cleaning

The methods related to carpet cleaning used by Mr. Chem-Dry is a branded extraction technique that provides all the great benefits of a hot-water extraction without the disadvantages related to traditional methods used in the past. This specific technique only uses 20 percent of water that is typically used when steam cleaning. For this reason the significantly lowered use of water ensures that carpets dry much faster, look great as well as stay cleaner for longer periods of time.

The cleaning techniques used by Mr. Chem-dry are highly popular worldwide and it is estimated that around 10,000 homes use this particular process globally on a daily basis. HCE better known as Hot Carbonated Extraction provides a really deep cleaning process as well as longer lasting clean carpets. Due to the lowered use of water, carpets dry faster and families are able to go back to their normal way of life in no time. This particular cleaning solution is carbonated and can be compared to club soda. The solution is 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The technique used penetrates deeply into the fibers in carpets and upholstery and lifts out deeply ingrained dirt. Once the dirt has been lifted the extraction equipment ensures that all dirt and dust is removed out of your carpets, leaving the area thoroughly cleaned. The most sought after aspect of this process is due to the fact that no dirt-attracting residue will be left behind, which results in healthier and cleaner carpets for much longer.

Due to the low amount of water used in Salt Lake County Utah carpet cleaning processes, there are far less risks related to the growth of mold in your carpets. This can be a common occurrence when too much water gets into carpets. In addition, the certified non-toxic and green solution eliminates the need for harsh and toxic chemicals that can cause health issues in younger children and pets.

Evidence suggested form independent air quality labs have found that the process used in these carpet cleaning techniques removes about 98% of allergens that are commonly found in households in areas of upholstery and carpets. Over and above this, these studies have also concluded that these particular methods can also remove about 89% of the indoor bacteria found in the air when a sanitizer is combined into the process.

Most homeowners are totally unaware that there are about 200,000 bacteria found in each square-inch of upholstery and carpets in an average household. This actually means that the air-quality inside a home should actually be an important health concern. Once the bacteria inside carpets have been disturbed they move into the air and create indoor air pollution. The Salt Lake County Utah carpet cleaning services using the Chem-dry techniques rids the home of unhealthy bacteria as well as providing an effective method to improve the current quality of air inside a home. Clean carpets should be the priority of every household to ensure a healthier way of living.

We are conveniently located in Northern Utah and services all  of Salt Lake County and surrounding areas Call us today at 801-298-8125.

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