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Provo Utah carpet cleaning services by Mr. Chem Dry can provide you with some innovative solutions along with some professional expertise in addressing the care, maintenance and cleaning of all sorts of household upholstery and fabrics but specifically carpeting. We all know that the carpets in an average household receive more use and abuse than any other fabric of the home. Not just with possible dirt and contaminants tracked in from outdoors but also greasy little fingers, spilled food and drink , the heavy fumes from a resident smoker or the exotic aromas of seafood cuisine being practiced in the kitchen.

Regardless of the vast variety of contaminants that assail your average carpet, be they from juvenile carelessness, allergens from animal companions, the billowing clouds of nicotine smoke or the hazardous presence of molds, there is one simple solution for a carpet that is need of a proper cleaning. Mr. Chem Dry has the right stuff to remove the last traces of dirt, mud and the toughest muggiest smells from off the carpets, providing the homes of Provo Utah carpet cleaning solutions they can rely on.

Following are some important reasons why Mr. Chem-Dry is the best solutions for the health of your family, the longevity of your carpets and even the care of our environment.

Provo Utah Carpet Cleaning the Green Way

Mr. Chem-Dry uses a time tested deep cleansing technique for cleaning fabrics, upholstery and carpets with a deep cleaning action. The Natural, Chem-Dry’s environmentally friendly cleaning solution,  is applied to dive deep and lift all the dirt, odors and even stains right out of the fabrics. By using this deep-cleaning method Mr. Chem-Dry provides a great way to deep clean fabrics and carpets in an environmentally friendly manner. First of all, the cleaning solution used are all environmentally friendly materials, which means their are no strong chlorine or other hazardous chemicals being used. This also ensures the preservation of fabrics.

By using the Chem-Dry method, much more water is saved than conventional alternatives like steam cleaning methods. Cleaning the carpets yourself or getting down on your knees and tackling the contaminants and stains with bravura alone. Choosing Mr. Chem-Dry will ensure a quick dry time for your carpets. Using 80 percent less water than typical carpet cleaning methods, your carpets will be dry in 1-2 hours. Not the 1-2 days from a typical steam cleaning.

Provo Utah Carpet Cleaning the Healthy Way

In addition to being healthier for the planet, Chem-Dry cleaning solutions are also healthier for the human inhabitants of your home. Unlike soaps, disinfectants and detergents that can leave behind trace residues that can make anyone unfortunate enough to inhale them very sick, the Chem-Dry process is a much more sanitary alternative to conventional carpet cleaning agents. The fast acting solution dry completely leaving no trace residues that could be inhaled and cause sickness to little ones playing around on the floor — or big ones. The way this works is simple. Imagine, for a moment, the fabrics of your carpet magnified many many times. You will see towering strands of thick threads that were probably a much brighter color when you first saw them. If you were to look closer you will see the reason the colors have faded. Scattered throughout the threads are tiny bits of pollen, dust and grime.

When we apply Chem-Dry’s The Natural solution, suddenly these strands of threads become bathed in hot carbonated cleaning bubbles that instantly dislodge all the foreign matter from the fabrics. This action not only restores the fabrics to their vibrant colors but also effectively evicts any foreign bacterial menace and other allergens that can wreak illness on your loved ones.

Provo Utah Carpet Cleaning to Remove Stains and Protect Upholstery

As mentioned before, the carpets in your home will see a lot of action from spaghetti night to the inevitable spilled drinks. But if you are about to throw your hands up and shed a tear for your besmirched carpet, don’t despair! Mr. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning solutions can effectively eliminate the toughest of coffee spills and wine drops from the carpet. For that matter, there aren’t many stains that can withstand the awesome cleaning power of Chem-Dry solutions.

In Closing

Cleaning the carpets and upholstery in your home is a necessary part of increasing the life expectancy of your fabrics and carpets, effectively protecting them from stains in the future and postponing the need for replacements. And that’s just another reason to choose Mr. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning solutions for the care and cleanliness of your household fabrics and carpets.

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