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The carpeting in our homes act as one great big filter for everything and anything that is dirty, harmful and hard on us from a health standpoint. We are all pretty much aware that the more traffic we get on our carpets, the more likely you will need Davis County Utah carpet cleaning services.

However, most people are unaware of the filth, dust mites, mold, insect bodies, bacteria and allergens among other things that pile up in our carpets. These insidious items cause much of the allergies that people suffer right in their own homes, and Mr. Chem-Dry has the solution to all of this.

Chem-Dry is one of the world’s leading carpet cleaning companies and they have been in business since 1977. Their proprietary cleaning process is different than most cleaning companies, in that it does not use any kind of a steam cleaning method with its dampness and residue leaving treatments. The Chem-Dry treatment uses a hot carbonated technique that sends tiny bubbles, somewhat like club soda, that lifts the dirt gently away from the carbon fibers in your carpet and sweeps it away along with all of the other types of debris and unsavory items. The process uses 80 percent less water than competing brands, so it takes much less time to dry, not giving mold a chance to even get a foothold. Instead of taking 1 to 2 days to dry, the Chem-Dry process dries in 1 to 2 hours. The result is a much deeper clean, and you will be able to smell the freshness and cleanliness once the cleaning is completed.

There are no harsh or caustic chemicals used and no detergents used which leaves soapy residue behind and is merely an attraction for more dirt and debris. The process has been the same cleaning procedure as it was when the company first started in 1977, and is now franchising dealerships all over the world.

The cleaning process is well-known for its safe and environmentally friendly stance, as noted with the Chem-Dry natural cleaning process. This is why the process is called Green Cleaning, and once finished the carpetsupholsteryrugs and all other area will be perfectly safe for your pets and your children.

Carpets are perfect repositories for items that cause severe allergies, and after the cleaning, the allergies disappear. What a breath of fresh air (literally) to be able to know that when Mr. Chem-Dry cleans your carpets, that there will be no harmful chemicals or other debilitating ingredients in your carpets. With some of the solutions that can be used to clean carpets, you would not want your children or pets to even be near the carpet, let alone play and lay on the carpet. Kids like to play on the carpets and where the kids are so are your pets. All of the Chem-Dry products are certified to be Green products, and you can be assured that they are not going to be harmful to you or your family.

It is no secret to Chem-Dry that you as a consumer do have choice as to who you will use as a Davis County Utah carpet cleaning company, and at first glance people do feel that most Davis County Utah carpet cleaning companies are pretty much alike. However, the cleaning you get with the Chem-Dry carbonated cleaning system will be left safe and dry in 1 to 2 hours.

In order to prove a point, Chem-Dry tested the effectiveness of their cleaning system, so they hired an independent leading air quality laboratory to test the air quality of an area was to be cleaned, both before the cleaning and after the cleaning, just to see if there was any difference in the air quality. Since Chem-Dry claims that unwanted elements are cleaned from the carpeting also causes a cleaner air quality in the same room, it was time to put that to a test.

The test was conducted in multiple homes and after using the Chem-Dry patented and carbonated home cleaning system, it was found that 98.1% of all common allergens normally found in the air were removed. This included dust mites, pet dander, as well as other irritants. It was also found that 89% of the bacteria was removed from the air, and 82.3% of the bacteria was removed from the carpets.

Mr. Chem-Dry is the Utah franchise of Chem-Dry and is located in Centerville, Utah. The franchise serves all of Davis County Utah and the surrounding area. The cleaning process is simple and to the point and it gets excellent results.

Cleaning is also available for area rugsupholsterypet urine odor removaltile and grout cleaninggranite countertop cleaning and restoration, special removal of stains and many other cleaning processes too numerous to mention. Protect your home today and give Mr. Chem-Dry a call at 801-298-8125.

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