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While you probably don’t want to acknowledge it, the carpets in the home most likely get the least amount of attention when going through your cleaning routine. And this isn’t because you don’t want them to look brilliant after every wash, but carpets aren’t exactly easy to clean properly. In fact, when you have wall to wall carpets, you know exactly what an inconvenience it can be to hire a carpet cleaning Sandy Utah service.

The chemicals they use, the long wait for the carpets to get dry, all the water they use, these are not factors that make you want to jump up and call a guy.

The good news is that not all carpet cleaning services are created equal. Take our company, for example, which operates in several areas including Sandy Utah. And instead of putting you through a costly and frustrating process, we get those carpets clean and you’ll be walking on them in no time.

But before we get into how we make this possible, it’s important to establish why you should get those carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

Why Regular Carpet Cleaning Is Important

– Dirt will shorten the lifespan of the carpet

It’s unfortunate, but not addressing all the dirt and grime that pack onto the fibres of the carpet will eventually render it a burden you have to rip out. At some point, all the vacuuming in the world won’t be able to make it feel soft again or make it appealing in any possible way.

– It causes allergic reactions

Every time you walk across a dirty carpet, it releases allergens into the air and causes several types of respiratory problems. For those who are sensitive to dust, it is very important to get those carpets cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

– It devalues the home

While the carpets might just become part of the furniture to you, they are a point of concern for potential buyers. So, if you are thinking about selling in the future, take care of the carpets, unless you want to pay for new ones later. At the same time, worn-out carpets bring down the atmosphere and ambience of the house.

All it takes to extend the lifespan of your carpets and consistently make them look like new would be to call our professional carpet cleaning service.

Our Professional Method For Cleaning Carpets

If you are curious about the way we clean carpets, we use the very popular Chem-Dry method. In short, you are looking at a quicker, safer, and more effective way to get the job done. It consists of a hot carbonating extraction cleaning process and here is a breakdown of what makes the Chem-Dry method so special:

– It gets rid of 98% of allergens that get stuck deep in the fibres of the carpet

– Up to 89% of airborne bacteria gets removed

– Less than 80% of water is used during the cleaning process compared to steam cleaning

– It only takes a few hours for the carpet to dry

– There are no detergents or soaps involved, meaning it’s non-toxic and perfectly safe

The best part is that we offer to clean your carpets with the Chem-Dry method at the most competitive prices. All you have to do is get in contact with our friendly staff and we’ll make things happen.

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