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carpet cleaning in lehi utah

If you live in the Lehi, Utah area you are able to experience all four seasons of beauty. However, with all four seasons your carpets can get a bit dirty. Winter especially, has the tendency to track in dirty snow. Spring can bring in pollen and other toxins. Because of this it is important to clean your carpets regularly to keep them both looking good and actually clean.

Finding a good carpet cleaner who is both professional and honest can sometimes seem overwhelming. You have invested a lot in your home and want to choose a company who understands that and uses a process that preserves and protects your carpet and upholstery.

At Mr. Chem-Dry, we use a process that uses approximately 80 percent less water than our competitors. This essentially means that your carpets and your upholsteries will dry faster and cleaner.

Other Lehi Utah carpet cleaning companies use harsh cleansers and tools that can actually damage your carpet and upholsteries. We are careful to make sure that our process and services can prolong your carpet and upholstery.

Our process uses carbonated water that creates bubbles. These bubbles can get into the tiny surfaces in your carpets and fabrics. This will eliminate bad odors and make them look as good as new. Our process is very effective in removing pet urine and stains because it can get deep into the fabric or carpet to get all of the stain and odors out.

Regular carpet cleaning can have many benefits. The first most obvious benefit is it improves the appearance of your home. More importantly, regular carpet cleaning can make your home a more healthful place to live.

Did you know that carpets can actually cause pollution in your home? Dirty carpets are chock full of dander, air pollutants, allergens, and even lead. They can even release toxic gases that can be inhaled by simply walking on your carpet. Vacuuming can even be harmful because it causes pollutants to be stirred up and inhaled. By using a professional carpet cleaning service, the bacteria on your carpets can be killed and removed.

Carpets are also home to dust mites. While these creatures are tiny and microscopic, they leave behind allergens that can make you and your family sick. By using our steam cleaning service, it will kill the dust mites and get rid of them fully. It does this by using very hot temperatures that the dust mites cannot survive.

Mold can be a very harmful problem for many households. Dirty carpets can grow mold especially when they become wet with snow or rain that is tracked in from feet. By having your carpets cleaned regularly mold and mildew will be eliminated. Our Chem-Dry system is especially effective in preventing mold because it does not use heavy amounts of water.

Here at Mr. Chem-Dry, we work hard to improve the appearance of your home and the health of your entire household. We will do what it takes to make sure that your home not only looks clean but is clean.

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