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Would it be a wild guess to assume you value the carpets inside your Layton Utah home? No, it’s not a wild guess because it’s the truth. Carpets are expensive from the moment you pick them out to the moment they get installed, meaning you want them to retain their appeal and authenticity for as long as possible.

Not only do carpets offer visual appeal, but they play a vital role in making your home more comfortable. And to help you get some perspective on why you should be calling our carpet cleaning Layton Utah experts already, consider the following.

Reasons For Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you are going to spend money on something, you deserve to know what you’ll be getting. So, here is a breakdown of the benefits if you make the most of our carpet cleaning services.

– You bring back the visual appeal of the carpet

– You can rest assured that 98% of allergens that get stuck in the carpet will be removed

– The carpet will feel brand new

– You increase the lifespan of the carpet

– You save loads of money because you don’t have to replace the carpet every time an accident occurs

If you have kids or pets, you know how important hygiene inside the house should be. And dirty carpets are not going to work well with this rule.

We Use The Chem-Dry Method

While we are not the only carpet cleaning service in Layton Utah, we do offer the highest quality carpet cleaning at the most competitive prices. However, it’s not only our passion and dedication to keep clients happy that sets us apart from the competition.

We also make use of the Chem-Dry method for getting your carpets clean. And if you are not familiar with the Chem-Dry method, this is what you should know.

– Hot Carbonating Extraction

Hot carbonating extraction is the proprietary process the method is based on. It is also the reason why 98% of allergens get removed, as noted earlier.

– Incredibly Safe

Unlike conventional carpet cleaning methods, there are no soaps or detergents involved. Everything about the process is non-toxic and totally safe for you and your family, pets included.

– Use Less Water

Compared to steam cleaning, the Dry-Chem method uses 80% less water.

– Different Surfaces

If you think that Dry-Chem is only limited to carpets, you are mistaken. The method can also be used to clean rugs, upholstery, tile, and grout.

– Dry In Hours

To top it all off, the carpet should be dry and usable after a few hours.

When you combine this convenient and safe method with our skills, your carpets will never be forgotten like the rest of the furniture. Instead, they will stand out like they should.

Make the most of your investment and only use the best carpet cleaning service Layton Utah has to offer. In other words, call us right now.

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