Services Offered By Mr. Chem-Dry

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Services Offered By Mr. Chem-Dry

There are a number of services offered by Mr. ChemDry. We are proud to be a ChemDry franchisee. Take a look at what we do

Supreme Carpet Cleaner In Utah 

Want to find a cleanup service that is prompt and consistent? Tired of not being able to rely on cleaning services in this day and age? Mr. ChemDry is a trusted carpet cleaner and one which will be able to work hard to ensure the results are on par with what is required. This is one of the prominent names in the cleaning industry because of its continued focus on excellence and cleaning supremacy. When selecting a trustworthy cleaning service, Mr. ChemDry is the best possible solution in the area. Lets see what makes this one of the best services in town

Green Carpet Cleaning 

Want a solution that is going to be efficient and ecofriendly at the same time? You want to go with a green carpet cleaning service that is going to be effective and as consistent as possible. Mr. ChemDry offers highgrade carpet cleaning services which are ecofriendly. These are services which are done using the best equipment being sold right now along with specialists who are trained with modern techniques. This means your carpet will be treated with the level of efficiency that is going to be worthwhile in the longrun. Those who want a green carpet cleaning service will enjoy this option. 

Upholstery Cleaning 

Have upholstery that has to be cleaned? Want to have it done by someone that can take care of this fragile process and remain on top of things? This is where you will trust Mr. ChemDry to do a good job and will pay attention to the type of upholstery that is being looked at. The wrong type of cleaning can ruin everything, and this service is going to look into everything as needed. Why look at a cleaner that is not able to handle upholstery? This is important and should be dealt with by a pro

Tile Cleaning 

Tiles are difficult to clean because there are many different variations in materials and looks. It is essential to have Mr. ChemDry do the work for you as a client. They will be able to come in and use the right cleaning products for the tiles to ensure they sparkle after the process is complete. Having the tiles cleaned by those who are not trained to handle the needs of a floor with tiles could lead to poor results. Clients should not have to tolerate poor results, and the finest cleaning solutions will be used for the tiles as soon as the specialist comes in

Rug Cleaning 

A rug is going to be small in size but is not going to be small in importance. It can define what a room highlights and therefore it should be cleaned with care. Mr. ChemDry is equipped with the best possible tools to handle rug cleaning from top to bottom. The rug is going to look brand new again after it has been touched up by the specialist coming in. You will have a rug that is going to be vibrant and soft at the same time. It will change the look of your rug in a good way

Granite Countertop Restoration 

What about your granite countertop? This service can restore the granite countertop after it has started to decay. Granite is a beautiful material to have for your countertop, but it is also one that is going to cause troubles at times. You want to have it restored by a professional service such as Mr. Chem-Dry to keep things in place. This service will be able to send in a specialist that can work on the countertop and keep it heading towards the direction you want. The wrong cleaning service can ruin your granite countertop, and that is why relying on Mr. Chem-Dry is a must. 


Want to choose a service which will remain focused on professionalism and being as organized as possible? A carpet 

cleaning service has to be of the highest quality or it won’t suffice. With Mr. ChemDry, the emphasis is always on being professional and helping clients receive cleaning services which are worth it in the longterm. With an extensive range of services and a team committed to be professional, you will receive highgrade assistance every single time. What more can a person ask for

Areas Serviced 

What parts of Utah are going to be serviced by Mr. ChemDry for those who are intrigued? The areas that are serviced at this point in time include Davis, Weber, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties. For those who reside in these places and want a professional solution, this is a nobrainer. Mr. ChemDry can evaluate the situation and provide a comprehensive cleanup solution that is going to fit in with what you are going for as a client. This will give you the stability and quality that is required

Call now and speak with a Mr. ChemDry representative as soon as possible to gauge what is going to be done next and for an immediate assessment. Upon the completion of this evaluation, the cleaning will commence, and a quote will also be provided

This gives clients the opportunity to assess what is taking place and how the cleaning is going to proceed. Mr. Chem Dry is a heralded service and one that is going to easily fit into what has to be done. Choose this team and sit back because the job will be done well. Give us a call at 8012988125

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